Breast Pumps

We work with PCHP, Optima & Anthem BCBS for breast pumps. We offer many of the most popular brands including Unimom, Medela, and Spectra. We do have a waiting list, sorted by due date, so if you could send us the following info we can verify your insurance coverage and benefits information. Tender Hearts will need a prescription from your Physician (OB) for a breast pump  in order to get this covered by your insurance. This is something that you can ask for at your next follow-up appointment, or if you don’t have one coming up, this can be requested from your physician’s office by phone. Your prescription can be faxed in directly from their offices to: 434-385-1003. Once we have verified your coverage info & received your prescription, we will have a pump available for you prior to when you give birth. Below is the information we will need from you to get started. Feel free to call with this information or fill in the form below and hit “submit”, whichever is easier for you. Thanks!

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If No, Please enter Name and DOB of the primary insured
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 The pump that your insurance covers at 100% is dependent on which insurance you have. Upgrade options are available.  

 In case you are interested, Tender Hearts also sells Medela brand Breast Care Solutions and accessories for less than retail cost. All purchases through Tender Hearts are tax-exempt, so if there are any additional items that you need, we also have Disposable or Washable Nursing Bra Pads, Lanolin Cream, Pump-and-Save bags, Quick Clean Wipes, Bottle Sets, & more.  We are now offering Easy Expression Bustiers as well as Maternity Supports (Belly Bands). Please feel free to stop by and see our display of Medela accessory items, as we have many more available than I can list here. You will be able to check them all out when you come in to pick up your pump as well. Good luck to you and your expanding family and please let us know if there is anything that we can help you with.