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At Tender Hearts we believe one of the most important aspects in patients succeeding at home is comprehensive, in-depth training. We teach all caregivers involved with patient care everything they need to know to properly use all of the equipment and supplies. We will set the patient up at home prior to discharge, train caregivers, and help organize the medical equipment and medical supplies. Each new setup has a home environment evaluation performed to ensure patient safety and to help identify any areas of concern.  Once initially trained our parents usually room-in with their child at the hospital using their own home equipment. Tender Hearts always meets our complex respiratory patients at home on the day of discharge. We help get the patient settled, get their home equipment hooked up and make sure everything is functioning properly. We double check everything, verify all settings and re-teach as needed. We feel this approach gives everyone their best chance to succeed and helps put our parents and caregivers at ease.

Tender Hearts is working very hard to record medical equipment training videos for our patients and caregivers to review. They are a great tool and can be shared across most platforms. Our videos are available here on our website as well as Facebook, Google + , Youtube,  and Pinterest.  Follow us on Social Media and connect with other families like yours. Our families have great ideas for setting up rooms to accommodate all of the new medical equipment. They post pictures showing new ways to organize their medical supplies.  Our followers on Social Media are like one big family offering each other support. Help us get the word out there. If you like our videos, share them. If you have an idea for a video you would like to see, email us and we will make it happen. We appreciate any feedback. Click the thumbnails to view the training video for that item.